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What's that Retro Rhythm Puzzle Platformer game with a pulse-pumping Synthwave Soundtrack? Oh yeah, it's THIS game. Do you have what it takes to make a Synthwave Escape?


Synthwave Escape is a Retro Rhythm Puzzle Platformer game with an 80s inspired Synthwave Soundtrack & Aesthetic.

Join Doc Grits' team of robots as they attempt to escape the Neon Bunker and defeat the heinously infamous Red Hawk. Use the Escape Bots' skills together to overcome challenges and make it safely to safety!


• 60 Retro Rhythm Puzzle Platformer Stages
• 8 All-New Synthwave Tracks
• 4 Escaping Robots with Super Duper Physics
• 1 Most Triumphant Robot Storyline
• A Plethora of Dad Jokes

Game Facts

Moby Pixel
Based in Dallas, TX

Release Date:
Wednesday, Dec 5th, 2018

iPhone, iPad, & Google Play Devices


Free with optional IAP

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About Moby Pixel

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Moby Pixel is a mobile app development studio in Dallas, Texas. The journey began in 2010 when I got the iPad 1, my first mobile device. At the time, the App Store was pretty sparse. I kept searching for apps that didn't exist--so I decided to start making them! Over the years, our catalog has continued to grow with new ideas while maintaining and updating our existing body of work.

• Nick Culbertson



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