Introducing Epic Orchestra

Available now on iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV

"Epic Orchestra" is a swipe-based rhythm game set to classical music. You're the Maestro conducting the orchestra as they perform music from legendary composers such as Grieg, Beethoven, Mozart & more.


Hi, I'm Nick Culbertson. I created "Epic Orchestra" to combine my two passions: music and retro games. Playing to the rhythm of the music will immerse you into classical music like never before. The art style takes inspiration from late-80's console games, while the gameplay strives to be easy to play, hard to master.

The Apple TV is an ideal platform for this style of game. The controls have been tightened to be ultra-responsive to the slightest gesture with the Siri Remote.


• Swipe-based rhythm action
• Works on Apple TV w/ Siri Remote
• Game Center Leaderboards
• 27 Game Center Achievements
• 15 levels (5 free/10 IAP)
• Variable difficulty (easy, normal, hard)
• Full classical music score
• Power-ups & quirky animations

Game Facts

Moby Pixel
Based in Dallas, TX

Release Date:
Apple TV
Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Wednesday, Oct 26th, 2016

iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV


Free with optional IAP (USD $1.99)

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