Why Accessibility Matters

I'm Nick Culbertson, an indie dev that makes music apps and games. Previously a musician in Nashville, I try to share my love of music in the apps I create.

I recently received an email from a user saying he loved my Tuner app, but he was hoping for some modifications to accommodate his blindness. Thanks to VoiceOver's built-in support, he was already using the app, but as I began testing with VoiceOver, I quickly found room for improvement and optimization. I was surprised to find certain features that were previously easy and intuitive were suddenly hidden when you couldn't see the interface. This has completely shifted my perspective in designing apps.

I've stayed in contact with this user, who also happens to be a musician, and he is now helping me add accessibility to my other apps, starting with Nature Soundscapes. Nature Soundscapes is an app of serene nature and ambient audio loops including ocean, rain, and more to relax and recharge. For me, making apps is about improving people's lives, and accessibility is becoming integral to that.

Here is the link to Nature Soundscapes:

Here is a thread post announcing Nature Soundscapes full VoiceOver support on AppleVis.com (the one-stop for all things VoiceOver related):

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