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What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Welcome to Chapel Hill!

I'm still getting settled in North Carolina after moving from Texas where I lived ten years. My neighbor offered to take me out for BBQ which I think will complete my transformation. I've been focused on audio app development since moving, and I hope to have something new to show off soon. More on that later.

2022 - M.U.M.Y.

This year my work focus is to create two spankin’ new Music apps, Update all my apps (as needed), release new Music, & make a plethora of new Youtube videos.


I just released a new game! Blast Beats is an Insane 1-Tap Rhythm Game with a Power Packed Soundtrack & Retro Pixel Art Aesthetic. The highlight for me was making the 6 part video dev series leading up to the release. Blast Beats launched on April 28th and is joined by my other games on iOS and Android.


All of my apps are updated for the latest devices and OS. If you ever have any questions or feature requests, feel free to reach at


I'm just finishing another Original Game Soundtrack for Blast Beats. After a decade of not releasing any new music, I released 3 albums last year Blues Jam: Guitar Backing Tracks, Epic Orchestra (Original Game Soundtrack) and Synthwave Escape (Original Game Soundtrack). It feels AWESOME to be writing and recording again!


For the past several years, my main work focus has been creating games. I love the creativity and problem solving that goes into making a game. Buuuuuuut, I don't like working alone in isolation for 8-10 months while in development. This is what brought me back to making videos. They are short, sweet, sharable, and they don't have to be updated. Now that my gamedev series wrapped up, I'm working on Tutorials and Retro Art Appreciation Videos. Check 'em out: Moby Pixel.

Open Source

In addition to releasing my own products, I'm committed to making Open Source tools to empower creatives to support themselves. I've made 4 open source projects recently, and I plan to do many more.

Gnarly Links is an Open Source HTML Template to link your music/game/software product pages in one place. It's as easy as adding a page to your site.

Now Page Template is an Open Source HTML Template to create a Now Page for your site. (You're looking at it right now!).

Free YouTube Subscribe Button Animation is a subscribe button and bell notification animation with green screen or transparent background for YouTube.


Like most of the world, we're stuck at home taking things a day at a time right now. I find my most productive days are the ones where I stay off the news and social media entirely.

Every weekday, I work on M.U.M.Y. from 7-3 with a short break for lunch and a walk. Then, Hannah and I run around the house fighting monsters until dinner, tub, and bedtime. Rinse and repeat. Every day. It's amazing (and utterly exhausting)! :D

Updated May 9th, 2022, from Chapel Hill, NC.

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